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What do I do when a loved one dies? June 9, 2021

When your loved one passes away, you and your family have both large and small issues to worry about – all while grieving your loss. A big issue likely involves determining how his or her assets will be distributed. If the person who died (known as the “decedent”) left a Last Will and Testament validly executed according to State law, it will give you  guidance regarding the disposition of his or her assets. If the decedent died without a Will, you will need to follow the statutory scheme laid out in Maryland’s intestacy laws. Additionally, a decedent may create other estate… Read More

Two Issues Often Encountered With Estate Plans June 9, 2021

When people create an estate plan, they do so with the intention that it will express their wishes for the disposition of their assets at death. There are several documents which comprise a complete estate plan. Below are two mistakes that may result in unintended consequences with your estate plan documents: 1. Failure To Fund A Revocable Living Trust The creation of a Revocable Living Trust can offer great benefits, but it will be wholly ineffective if it is not properly funded during the lifetime of the creator (commonly referred to as the “grantor” or the “settlor”).  The creation of… Read More

The Basics of Contesting a Last Will and Testament in Maryland June 9, 2021

The most common type of estate planning document – and the one most people are likely familiar – is a Last Will and Testament. A Will is incredibly valuable; it can clearly and distinctly outline a person’s specific wishes for the disposition of assets. However, there are certain situations in which a Will might be challenged. In the State of Maryland, this is known formally as a “Caveat proceeding.” Such a proceeding is brought before the Orphans’ Court in the county in which the decedent was domiciled at death. An Interested Person could argue that a Will or Codicil is… Read More

What to do with Stimulus Checks paid to Deceased Individuals? May 11, 2020

As millions of Americans begin receiving their Economic Impact Payments (or “stimulus payments”) authorized by The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, many of our clients are asking this question: What should they do if they receive a stimulus payment issued to a deceased family member? While the IRS did not initially address this contingency when it began distributing stimulus payments based on 2018 and 2019 tax return information, recent guidelines have been published on the IRS’s website directing that such payments be returned, and providing instructions on the return process. According to the guidelines, which can be found… Read More