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Fiduciary (Estate, Trust, Legal Guardianship) Litigation

Fiduciary Litigation

The legal definition of a fiduciary is “a person having duties involving good faith, trust, special confidences and candor towards another.” Individuals named to serve as Personal Representatives (also known as Executors or Administrators), Trustees, Guardians, and Agents under Powers of Attorney are fiduciaries and they owe a duty to act in a prudent and forthright manner. Actual violations or perceived violations of this duty give rise to fiduciary litigation cases.

At the Kuwamura Law Group, our lawyers are experienced in assisting clients to pursue the enforcement of rights under the law and to defend against actual or perceived violations of fiduciary duties. Each case is unique in its facts and at the Kuwamura Law Group, we engage in candid discussions with our clients regarding the strategies available to the case.

In fiduciary litigation matters there are no guarantees. At the Kuwamura Law Group, we assist our clients in understanding the risks and potential outcomes involved in his or her particular case.